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Reliably changing necessities of outward and internal clients have rolled out the prerequisite for an improvement in all affiliations that identified with the clothing business on the planet. The prerequisite for change is being actuated by internal or external parts which come in all shapes and structures. To address such needs, change frames are gotten by those affiliations. Such change frames incessantly restore an affiliation’s course, structure and abilities to serve the advancing needs. Late insightful and business considers have shown that changing the structure is one of the key essential organization auxiliaries with a particular true objective to discover the fit between internal definitive capacities to outside market demands.

The new market openings, centered perils, and scattering of plans of activity identified with globalization have made an impressive drive and set off the necessity for a distinction in Hydramani (Pvt) Ltd of Sri Lanka. As demonstrated by the affiliation examination, rebuilding of association structure perceived “as an irrefutable necessity” for an essential intrigue of key fit amongst inside and outside requirements of the organization.

This business report discusses the survey of modifying method of Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd a SBU of Hydramani (Pvt) Ltd nearby the internal and outside evaluation through SWOT examination, Porter’s five forces investigation, PEST investigation and through McKinsey 7S structure. The segments recognized through those investigations are then used to set up the weakness of the present structure and develop the essential for reconstructing for key association together and bolster the high ground. Finally, another definitive blueprint is proposed another association structure that coordinated with current natural change. This report deduces that the Hydramani (Pvt) Ltd head office Ltd should grasp a network structure with a particular true objective to keep the right amicability between the vertical and even mix of the organization. The lattice structure exhibits the right collaboration for advancement system of Hydramani (Pvt) Ltd head office for a reasonable long haul.


Hirdaramani organization is a main clothing producing organization with more than 60,000 representatives working in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Ethiopia. The Head office has been set up in Sri Lanka and worked by the lion’s share of Hirdaramani family chiefs. At the point when contrasted and other key attire producing organizations which are working in Sri Lanka. Hirdaramani takes the third place in clothing segment business (Sri Lanka Export Development Board – SLEDB). Brandix Apparel Solutions Ltd goes to the second place and the MAS Holdings Pvt Ltd is the main in the positioning rundown according to the current SLEDB measurements.

Hirdaramani organization’s Vision is to give high caliber and stylish attire items with consistent advancement and making genuine incentive to the clients. To accomplish the Vison of the organization the Mission has lined up with a definitive consumer loyalty activity through appropriate initiative and operational perfection drives to make higher incentives with exceptionally responsive workforce to guarantee extreme consumer loyalty in the aggressive worldwide market. All the business exhibitions are measured and checked by the settled Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in accordance with the generally acknowledged execution destinations expressed by Slack and Lewis (2015) for Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost (QSDFC).

The organization is trading its attire items to the diverse nations with centering distinctive socioeconomics. Age, family size and necessities, wage extend, religion, era, training levels and other related division. European market and the USA advertise are the primary clients of the organization and items are sorted as Kids wear, Ladies tops and bottoms and men’s jeans and shirts.

The Hirdaramani organization’s principle operation is assembling and sending out clothing items to the universal market. The inner authoritative structure has been set up with different divisions and useful units to have a smooth and compelling plan of action. Showcasing, Merchandizing, Planning, Procurement, Warehouse, Sample and Design, Cutting, Sewing Operations, Industrial Engineering, Maintenance and Technical, Quality Assurance, Packing and Finishing, Export, Human Resources are the key operational and supporting divisions in the association.

Showcasing division is taking care of all the business advancement exercises as investigating new business openings and purchasers, value transactions and request positions. Merchandizing group is proceeding with the business procedure by keeping up appropriate coordination with operational and other related useful groups to guarantee superb items and on time conveyance to the client.

Texture is the primary crude material used to deliver articles of clothing. The commitment of the texture speaks to around 70-75% from the aggregate assembling cost and around 80% of textures are foreign made from Hong Kong, China, India and Pakistan.

Notwithstanding the textures there are different frill which are basically utilized for assembling clothing items. Strings, Buttons, different sorts of Labels, Elastics are the normal extras utilized as the key contributions to this business. Around 60-65% of such extras are additionally being transported in from the above same nations. The adjust some portion of textures and adornments are given by the nearby providers.

Diverse sorts of sewing hardware are utilized as a part of the business and a few apparatuses are in high costly range. A large portion of the sewing machines are foreign from Japan and China. Obtainment Management and Central Purchasing groups are taking care of all the inbound strategic courses of action and the Export division is taking care of all the outbound calculated operations with the help of load sending operators.

To guarantee an effective operation all the foundation offices are given and oversaw in a decent condition to increase most extreme yield from the operational assets. More than 20 fabricating plants are working in Sri Lanka. Every one of the structures, inward street developments, power, flasks and welfare and recreational shops, transportation offices are given by the organization to its all workers to elevate their official and individual life conditions.

Wellbeing, Safety and Environmental (HSE) conditions are kept up in a high bore to upgrade the spirit of the workers and the general public. The administration has taken every one of the activities to give great workplace to all representatives. For example, 80% of assembling plants are cooled.

The organization is fabricating attire items under various worldwide brand names and have a decent notoriety in the clothing fabricating part by giving brilliant items to the global markets. Nike, M&S, Levis, Columbia, J Crew, American Eagle are the popular brands.

Selection of the SBU

The operations in head office have chosen to ponder the hypotheses and functional ideas for this report, where a different hierarchical structure can be recognized. The head office operations are constrained to the help benefit capacities and furthermore to few creations related capacities, for example, test room, brought together completed great stores and incorporated crude material stores.

Strategic Issue in Hydramani Head Office

The vital issue is with respect to the high turnover in laborer review representatives in the head office and also the trouble to pull in new specialist grade workers. The turnover proportions in the set-out office toward the year 2016 are diagramed beneath. As needs are, the work turnover rates show a quickly expanding pattern which can be exceptionally destructive to the profitability of the organization. Then again, the organization faces an issue of drawing in laborer grades representatives too.

The purposes for this key issue were not a direct result of any disappointment of the wage bundle since the wages are ideally aggressive or more the normal as indicated by the administration controls. The foundations for the issue of high turnover incorporate the absence of non-money related offices (free transport, inn, preparing and advancement openings, yearly excursion, diversions and rivalries and so forth.).

On the other hand, it is difficult to draw in new laborer review representatives for the access opening, because of the absence of certainty of the specialist grade workers with respect to their professional stability. Before 10 to 12 years back, the organization has requested the deliberate abdication of the representatives, since the organization had been in a contracting system at that period. It is still hard to create and make that dependable inside the representatives.

The Relationship between Strategic Issue of High Turnover and Structure of the Company

The vital issue was the high turnover and the lower fascination of specialist grade representatives to the Hydramani Head Office. The purposes behind these significant issues are more profound than what can be seen at the surface level. The watched reasons relate with non-monitory offices to the representatives, which should be tended to and concocted the arrangements. Be that as it may, the arrangements can’t be taken because of high constraints which are specifically identifying with the structure of the organization.

The current authoritative structure for Hydramani Head Office, the structure winds up noticeably unified at the GGM Finance and Admin level, without a legitimate work specialization and a hierarchy of leadership. After the top managerial staff, the expert has been distributed to the GGM – Finance, where every one of the limitations produced. All the spending endorsements for marking, preparing and advancement and representative motivational projects gets hold with a presumption that they are less essential to the hierarchical execution.

Proposition of Restructure for SBU

Hydramani Head Office Restructuring can be distinguished as a correction of a plan or a structure of a substance which is trailed by the adjustments in systems and other related hierarchical exercises (Kratochvílová, 2001). As Vodáček (1997) refered to in Tetrevova (n.d page 1), “rebuilding symbolizes the endeavor arranged and framework all-encompassing changes of an oversaw association unit (undertaking, plant, self-sufficient specialty unit etc.)”. Bowman et al (1999) express that rebuilding can be named portfolio rebuilding, monetary rebuilding, and hierarchical rebuilding.

Keeping in mind the end goal to address the vital issue of high worker turnover and challenges in pulling in new laborers; the required projects ought to be executed. For actualizing the required procedures, there ought to be a group with legitimately apportioned obligations through appropriate work specialization. In the meantime, the unfortunate centralization ought to be replied with an appropriate hierarchy of leadership.


Strategy can be characterized as a blueprint of standards, approaches, programs, activities, choices or asset arrangements to characterize the association and its business forms (Bryson, 1996). The strategy is an interceding power between the association and its condition; and uncovered the examples of hierarchical choices keeping in mind the end goal to manage the earth (Mintzberg, 1979). Strategic Management is a mix of science and expressions (Afsa, 2011). David (2011) characterizes strategic management as the craftsmanship and study of defining, actualizing and assessing cross-utilitarian choices, for example, promoting, generation, data, HR, fund, innovative work and so forth to encourage the accomplishment of hierarchical goals.

Chandler (1962) characterizes strategy as the determination of the long haul objectives and targets of an association, and the usage of required activities while allotting the assets for working these objectives. Kenneth’s (1980) meaning of strategy is the example of choices that an organization take to check and uncover its destinations, purposes and objectives; and to create the guideline arrangements and plans for accomplishing those objectives; lastly to distinguish the arrangement of organizations the organization needs to seek after and the idea of the monetary and non-financial commitment it expects to make to its partners.

As indicated by Peter Drucker as refered to in David (2011), the essential assignment of strategic management is thoroughly considering the distance the mission of a business in general. Strategic management imparts to a push to catch the yield of strategic intuition through strategy definition, strategic arranging, and strategy organization (Nickols, 2016).

Zara, Barba and Abbas (2013) express couple of imperative basics of strategic management including condition filtering, strategy detailing, execution and assessment, and control. David (2011) clarifies the three phases of the strategic management process as,

Table Strategy Formulation

Strategy Formulation Create vision and mission, recognize association’s qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers, make long haul goals, make substitution procedures, and select methodologies
Strategy Implementation Build up a strategy-strong culture, make a successful hierarchical structure, divert advertising endeavors, getting ready spending plans, create and use data levels and rouse worker
Strategy Evaluation Three fundamental strategy-evaluation activities are (1) reviewing external and internal factors (2) measuring performance, and •(3) taking corrective actions

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure According to Barney and Griffin (1992) structure can be recognized as the rudimentary outline of the connection between organizational structure and the strategy. “Structure is the distribution and control of work errands which infers control connections in light of the acknowledgment of administrative power by subordinates and society” (Ritson, 2011, page 8). As per Ritson (2011) the organizational structure varies as indicated by the example of connections among the faculty (i.e. people, gatherings, areas/offices and so forth.) inside the association and primary two sorts of structure can be distinguished as;

 Vertical Structure of expert and duty (Relatively static system and Clear points of confinement of monetary specialist)

 Horizontal Structure of collection of exercises (Change time to time to suit the environment and Arrange the assets towards objective fulfillment)

Advance Rison (2011) communicates that this utilization of energy is called as the authenticity of management which Max Webber specified as specialist.

As per David (2011, page 17), “when the associations are progressively, decentralizing the strategic-management process, perceiving that arranging must include bring down level chiefs and workers”. David (2011, page 17) additionally expresses that, “Supervisors and workers turn out to be shockingly inventive and creative when they comprehend and bolster the association’s main goal, destinations, and methodologies. By encouraging correspondence and connection among administrators and workers crosswise over various leveled levels, strategic management helps a firm capacity as an aggressive group. An incredible advantage of strategic management, at that point, is the open door that the procedure gives to enable people. Strengthening is the demonstration of fortifying representatives’ feeling of adequacy by urging them to take part in basic leadership and to practice activity and creative energy, and compensating them for doing as such. Since strategic management empowers administrators and

workers to know and comprehend what the association is doing and why, they believe they are a piece of the firm and turn out to be more dedicated”.

Environment Analysis Ritson (2011) communicates that there are gatherings or people in the inward of the association who have an enthusiasm on the association, its procedures and prosperity who can be extensively classified into three fundamental gatherings;

 Internal partners (workers, management, proprietors and so forth)  Connected partners (clients, providers, contenders and so on)

 External partners (government, weight bunches and so on) “SWOT is an essential and real to life demonstrate that evaluates what a business can and can’t do, and additionally its potential open doors and dangers” (Ommani, 2011, page 9448).

The SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis can be connected for assessing previously mentioned inward and outside environment (Ritson, 2011). SWOT can be recognized as a viable apparatus of strategic arranging (Schneider and De Meyer, 1991). “The focal motivation behind SWOT analysis is to distinguish systems that adjust, match or fit an organizational assets and abilities to the requests of the environment” (Ritson 2011, page 41).

Doorman’s esteem chain system is a capable analysis instrument which can be utilized as a part of strategic arranging and building the organizational model in an approach to ensure the compelling authority display (Saha, 2011).

PESTEL (Political, Economical, Societal, Technological, Environmental, Legal) grouping distinguishes the gatherings who are in the outer environment for an association (Ritson, 2011).

Porter’s (1979) ‘Five Forces’ model depicts the powers in the close environment to the association.


SWOT Analysis


All around experienced specialists, thing headway gathering and quality experts are working inside the affiliation.

Condition of the craftsmanship customized appraisal structure which none of the other surface industrial facilities has gotten.

The senior organization is always devoted to helping quality insistence exercises and perpetual change attempts.

Condition of the workmanship delivering office which is fit for passing on three million yards for every month.

Other crucial claim to fame units of Hydramani Holdings are striking for checked pieces of clothing so the capacity to use kid raising procedure.

Business quality and openness of capital wander for dangerous changes.

Less cruising time to Europe and USA appeared differently in relation to the countries where the contenders are arranged in.

Accessibility of neighborhood merchants of which ask for more than 3 million yards of cotton surface each month.

All things considered, fabricate customer faithfulness over the Hydramani Holdings name.


Detachment of the principal material inside Sri Lanka.

The nonappearance of system aptitude to get the full usage of customized examination structure.

Less flexibility is given to quality pros to settle on decisions on era process control.

The partition between thing change, era and quality affirmation division.

The nonappearance of information on promote designs for thing change.

The nonappearance of availability of a collection of unrefined materials to pass on sincere customer ask for as a result of stock course of action.

The long strategy of demand affirmation makes customers harried.

Confined progressions are used and spending distribution for headway is believed to be low.

The nonattendance of things and organizations division in light of different customer classes.

Rely upon out of date systems and fiscally controlled strategies that were executed in the basic period of the association.

Brought together legitimate structure and a more elevated amount of formalization back off essential administration speed in the affiliation.


Security of political condition and the finish of common war gives tremendous chances to the development of all enterprises.

Drawing in with neighborhood merchants to share information on textures and conveying new material to serve new articles of clothing to their purchasers (cooperative energy of learning of texture coloring/completing any piece of clothing making/washing).

Developing interest of nearby purchasers stipulated by the economy of the nation.

Utilize programmed review framework as a proactive way to deal with settle quality issues.

Ability to convey review free material to clients and include an exchanging cost for the clients to move from Bodyline

Assembled trust between Bodyline

Furthermore, clients through child-rearing technique

Engaging quality specialists, specialized specialists and joint effort with the promoting groups can expand the viability of item advancement and same time fabricated conferred work drive as opposed to controlled workforce through rebuilding

Chance to rouse development through problematic changes.


Rising present day improvement in Bangladesh and India and buyers moving to those countries.

Interest for zero evaluation surface could surpass supply limit.

Difficulties in the modifying of a long time controlled instrument.

Loss of controls over operational activities in view of modifying and versatile structure.

Packed surface suppliers by a sweeping number of new plants in China.

Opening new Chinese surface procedures in Bangladesh where a demand is creating

McKenzie 7s Model

Figure 3 McKenzie 7s Model

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Source: Developed by Author


The fundamental initiative control is bound together around CEO. The affiliation’s business work is isolated into three classes of organization focus has shown up in the affiliation diagram. Those are a reserve, publicizing and HR.

A Higher level of formalization, precepts and controls are completely a great many. Since the delegates are distributed to disengage errands and parts in spite of the way that the level of specialization is high and less covering of the assignments limiting the progressive learning, change and the improvements.


The affiliation vision is to be the “persuaded respond in due order regarding stamped attire”. In this way, the heading and degree of the association as time goes on, has strategized to fulfil the customer necessities and make systems as shown by the market essential. There is an uncommon effort for a diligent difference in creative things. The system makes a customer-driven culture to improve the purchaser devotion and upgrade the organization quality.


Most by far of the techniques that oversee standard activities of the affiliation are formal and PC based account happen to cover everything from organization information systems, through to the structures at the reason for contact with the customer. The KPIs are drawn from the system which is surveyed step by step and month to month preface.


The specialist approach of best organization and the association’s general working system are unique appeared differently in relation to the contender’s drive style. Regardless, there is the nonattendance of gathering based operational organization style in the affiliation which considered as a deficiency of the internal structure.


There is an exceedingly able range of abilities inside the workers of the association who leads with high capacities and skills that requires conveying the best to the clients.


HYDRAMANI Holdings has a broad preparing program for every one of the workers who chose via cautious enrollment process before the initiation of the activity. The organization likewise works towards the improvement of individual’s assets consistently. Notwithstanding, despite the fact that they are prepared to make an amazing showing with regards to they are not roused because of requirements to perform and convey the most extreme potential to clients.

Shared Values

The qualities and feelings of the association rely upon musings of all accomplices. Generally, in the midst of genuine changes, the affiliation tries to get the comprehension from financial specialists down to the agents of the work floor. HYDRAMANI Holdings reliably empowers regard based culture and guide agents towards “regarded” lead. The association constantly acts with dependability, uprightness and with openness.


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