The Last Kiss, a picture from World War II..


A popular picture shared online on number of image sharing websites is said to show “The Last Kiss” from World War II scene, as a  historic moment of Love during war time. The claim, however, is not a fact.

The picture of ‘Last Kiss’ is sometimes shared as one taken at the departure of “Amerigo Vespucci” ship in Egypt in 1963. The fact of the matter being, the actual location was Italy, not Egypt. Amerigo Vespucci is a tall Italian training ship, the home port of which was La Spezia, Italy. The 1963 travel route of the Italian ship Amerigo Vespucci can be seen here. And the journey is detailed in an Italian magazine website In Image Gallery, you can see another similar picture from the departure. So the claim that the picture shows last kiss scene during war time of WWII is a hoax.

Hoax or Fact: