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Business Information Systems and Analysis

Business Information Systems and Analysis Project Report on Jinasena (Pvt.) Ltd 1.1 Organization 1.1.1 Organization’s History In 1905, Mr. C. Jinasena kept his first step to fulfill his dream to be an

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Motivational Strategy

INTRODUCTION Motivation is one of the important parts of managerial functions. A manager becomes unsuccessful if he fails to motivate his subordinates. The motivated workers perform their duties with full responsibility.

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Budget Review

This report examines a case of Helanka Group, highlighting the issues of management with special consideration to Negambo showroom. It identifies the facts which are faced by a newly appointed manager when going to deal

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Change management

Abstract Sri Lankan economy is growing in recent years with the end of the humanitarian war after 30 years, and countries infrastructure also keeping a high rate in development, and Banking industry is playing a major role in backing the developments. As countries states coming in to a better in social and economic growth, all the industries are blooming to face the challenges

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