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THE FAILURE OF THE NATIONAL HEALTH SECTORS’ (NHS’) CIVILIAN IT PROJECT OF UNITED KINGDOM Extensive Summary The National Health Service (NHS) is the worlds’ largest and oldest publicly funded healthcare system which originated in the United Kingdom. They expanded their capacity by embarking a national programme for IT which was originally budgeted approximately 6 billion pounds. The project was aimed to use the technology productively by paving the IT systems to integrate with health care facilities, records, documentations and health…

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Human resources

Comments for Answer 1 The answer of this student can be identified as a good effort since she has aimed in answering the expected areas of the activity. Accordingly, the student has discussed about the role of Human Resource Management (HRM), its link with strategic management and Organizational Behaviour (OB). Along with few scholarly explanations to these key targeted areas, she has presented her own perceptions and rationales, which are substantial. Thus, the student believes that HRM is a complex…

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Human resources management

Answer No 2 Top of Form Hi Everyone, Human Resource Management is technically defined as “effective and efficient utilization of human resources to achieve goals of an organization” (Opatha, 2016, page 7). We everyone is talking today about Human Resource Management (HRM) in our day to day activities. We say, every manager is a Human Resources Manager. Compare to the past, every single manager has a acceptable level of knowledge about Human Resource Manager. The Staff Managers take additional responsibilities…

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Operation management

Executive Summary The operations management simply can be explained as the manufacturing process of a company (Bayraktar, Jothishankar, Tatoglu and Wu, 2007). According to Krajewski et. al (as cited in Bayraktar et. al, 2007), operations management assist organizations to acquire and utilize necessary resources for achieving organizational goals and objectives. Operations management consists with several sub functions such as Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Quality Management, Inventory Management, Waste & Lean Management, Business Process Re-engineering & ERP etc. Among them,…

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