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Australian Taxation System

With a vast array of over 125 taxes which includes commonwealth Taxes, The Australian Taxation system is one of the most intricate taxation systems in the globe. The Australian Taxation system was established to ensure equality among all Australians and to constantly thrive to maintain the integrity 

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Contract law

Contract Law A contract is been formed when two (bilateral) or more parties (multilateral) agree upon certain specified terms in trading or other activities. As we are considering contracts between organizations the business law of contracts is being taken into account. The initial phase of a contract is formed when an offer is made by one party. Yet, for the contract to be enforceable the other party has to accept the offer. a) Offer and Acceptance In this context, the…

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Preparation of Contract

Preparation of Contract International Law and Business Ethics course Part 1 The agreement between two (bilateral) or more parties (multilateral) upon certain specified terms in trading or other activities leads to the formation of a contract. This section discusses the relevance of the occurrences in the case of Goodscan and Hospitex in the context of the main elements that constitute a contract. It is important to note that that the contract between Goodscan and Hospitex is being governed under the…

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