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Management and Organizational Change

Management and Organizational Change For any organization to become successful following aspects are essentially needed. Such as Management, Leadership, Motivation .Throughout this assignment mainly focus to evaluate definitions, theories and how those aspects are practically applies. Change management is another critical area in modern organization than the past. Secondly tried to Concern about change management, theories, Soft and hard systems ect. Finally tried to give a conclusion based on findings from this assignment. Motivation is a theoretical construct used to explain behavior. It shows…

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World Organic Agriculture in the context of sustainability

Introduction Organic agriculture is major used word in the world at present. Organic agriculture practices are based on several principles. They are principle of health, principle of ecology, principle of fairness & principle of care. Organic agriculture is used many techniques by other sustainable agriculture approaches such as inter cropping, crop rotation, mulching. Normally organic agriculture can describe as a self-sustainable & persistent agro ecosystem. It builds on an environment; economic & social aspect on agriculture production in both the…

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Practices in tourism

Practices in Jala Jetwing Jala Jetwing is one of the leading hotel in Sri Lanka which follow the sustainable practices. Their services and the maintenance keep going through the environmental, economic and social sustainable manner including local people concern. I got the chance to know the practical application of sustainability along the visit of Jala Jetwing. It consist huge area, 56 acres. It handle sustainability in energy stream, waste disposal stream, JYDP and guest feasibility. By the usage of solar…

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Importance of life cycle assessment in green technology

Importance of life cycle assessment in green technology Green technology is built with the help of other valuable sector. Such as environment engineering, cleaner production, waste management, green productivity, green building, atmospheric engineering, renewable energy sector and etc. like this, life cycle assessment helps for further development in green technology field. Life cycle assessment define as assess the potential of environment impact from cradle to grave. Green technology always try to minimize waste production and avoid the waste generation. Due…

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